Labelled Tubes and Drums

We manufacture high quality spirally wound tubes for a wide variety of end uses. All are produced from top quality recycled materials.
We can offer tubes in any diameter from 10mm to 1000mm, in any wall thickness from 1mm to 30mm, in any length from 10mm to 7500mm.

High Performance Cores: Made from high plybond, kraft enriched boards for high crush resistance. Suitable for the demanding requirements of the plastic film and paper industries.

Recut Cores: Produced to fine dimensional tolerances as demanded by the tape and label conversion industries.

Conditioned Cores: Market leading technology to stabilise cores for the reprographics industry giving unprecedented dimensional reliability and performance.

Special Purpose Cores: Specialised inner or outer coverings for easy release or light sensitivity or whatever your requirement. Whenever a technical demand exists, we can deliver.

General Purpose Cores: Value for money without compromising quality. Our range of cores is offered at competitive prices and unrivalled service.

Installation of Pyrotechnic Tubes

Pyrotechnic Tubes: Offering unrivalled performance, our multi-shot, fireworks display tubes are the envy of our competitors. Now ranked as the best available, they are used extensively by all top display professionals at high profile displays across the world.

Labelled Tubes and Drums: High quality printed containers, offering infinite possibilities to promote and inform when advertising or retailing.

Printed Tubes: Your own design spirally printed around the tube to keep your name in front of your customer every day.

Postal Tubes: Our comprehensive range of quality postal tubes can fulfil any requirement when posters, charts, photographs, artwork or any other specialised articles must travel securely through the post and arrive in pristine condition. We offer the largest range of colours and finishes when a distinctive appearance means that your product will stand out from the crowd.

Wedding Invitation Tubes: In response to demand, we now offer a range of white, silver or gold tubes from stock to cater for that special invitation.